Chill Time universal wrap


The location in which Chill Time™ Universal fits is around the elbow, however this is not the only place where it can be used. Chill Time™ can be wrapped around the wrist, hand, ankle, and other small body parts. Chill Time™ also accommodates the calf muscles.


Universal Key Features:

  1. Timer embedded into the twist off cap of our ice bag, to ensure proper icing time. Can be set for 20, 15, 10, or 5 minute intervals.
  2. 9" x 9" Thermal Plastic Rubber refillable ice bag has a large surface area. Intended to be used on the elbow. Also can be placed on the, bicep, tricep, forearm, wrist, hand, shin, ankle, and foot.
  3. Ice bag has been coated with a (latex free) polyester fabric to reduce skin irritation and cover more surface area for not just the elbow, but other body parts as well.
  4. 2 1/2" opening can easily fit whole ice cubes or crushed ice inside of the refillable ice bag. The timer will shut off 30 seconds after finishing its programmed icing session.
  5. Chill Time™ remains colder longer than gel packs because using real ice provides the most effective ice compression therapy.


  1. High-grade Neoprene Compression Wrap designed for form-fitting comfort and mobility.
  2. 9" x 9" refillable ice bag with a countdown timer embedded into the twist off cap.
  3. Mesh storage travel bag.