1 year Limited Manufactures Warranty on Manufacturing Defects Only. Not normal wear and tear or abuse or damage due to an accident.

Please submit a Warranty Report on our contact form and provide the following:

  1. Email, Name, Address, Phone,
  2. Invoice Number (proof of purchase)
  3. Purchase Date
  4. Brief Description of the problem

If within one year from the date of purchase, our product is defective (based upon claim reported), Cisco Sales Corp. will repair or replace the product, and or components, free of charge.

Warranty excludes:

  • damage caused by misuse or negligence.
  • failure to provide the dated proof of purchase
  • product not being used in accordance with Chill Time™ ice bag care instructions. *Care instructions are inside of the packaging.

Cisco Sales Corp. (USA)

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Torrance, California.

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